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Data Entry Guidelines
  1. Members should enter Batch Year and not actual Passing Year
  2. Last / First Name should be in Title Case
  3. Include Middle Name, if any, in the First Name itself.
  4. Member User ID will be auto generated after inputting Last Name, First Name and other parameters.
  5. Please note down Member User ID, as it will be needed for Login
  6. Member User ID duplicity will be checked prior to form submission.
  7. Students must enter Batch Year, as expected Year of passing Final Year Examination.
  8. Non-Member Donors and Non-Member Office Admin should leave non-apllicable fields blank.
  9. In case member is already registered on the web portal, he will not be able to register afresh.
Additional Information
  1. Initially Members will be permitted to login through Member User ID or Email Address.
  2. Login through Email address will be phased out in due course of time.
  3. Members will not be able to change their Member User ID anytime afterwards.
  4. Mermbership Fee Structure is available on Welcome Page of Alumni Web Portal.
  5. After, Registration, Member will be required to enter Profile and Membership Fee Details on this web portal.
  6. Membership will be approved only after receipt of Membership Fee in Association account.
  7. Members will be able to see full contents of web portal only after their membership approval.